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Power Tool Switch not bothered by metal dust

The power tool switch of 2246 series from Marquardt is a completely encapsulated switch with an integrated interferance suppression capacitor

The system solution defuses the danger potential: one-handed angle grinders are normally used for metalworking where metal dust gradually accumulates in the whole handle shell. This has already led to sparkovers in different models. In some of these cases “only” thus fuse blew. However, there have been reports of tools where the outside metal parts were live in severe cases. The user’s life was even in danger.

Now, however, all live metal parts are completely insulated inside the switch so that all the power connections in the tools are totally potential-free to the outside.

The 2246 series has four push-in terminals for power cable and motor, four other terminals can be offered as an option to connect additional, fully insulated electronics. Versions are therefore possible as mechanical on/off switches and with docked electronics.

As far as safety is concerned the new one-hand angle grinder generation can no longer do without the 2246 power tool switch

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