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Voldsom Ampere CPU med 128 kerner er klar til ”AI at the Edge

Data Respons Partner ADLINK Technology introducerer COM-HPC Server Type Size E Reference Development Platform baseret på Ampere® Altra® SoC

Key Features:

  • Ampere® Altra® SoC (Arm Neoverse N1 based architecture)
  • 32/64/96/128 Arm v8.2 64-bit cores up to 2.6GHz
  • 3 x16 slots and 4 x4 slots PCIe Gen4
  • IPMI BMC and dedicated Ethernet for remote management
  • Arm SystemReady SR compliance (finalizing approval), open source EDKII



Backed by a broad Arm® ecosystem with an Ampere® Altra® SoC at its core, using the Arm® Neoverse™ N1 platform, the Ampere Altra Developer Platform provides premium performance from a cloud-to-edge infrastructure, keeps an extremely low thermal envelope, lower TCO, and significantly lower power consumption than x86 designs. It supports the open source EDKII as bootloader with UEFI, so customers can just download a stock AArch64 (arm64) ISO such as Ubuntu and install it through booting a live ISO directly on the target. The same convenience we have become used to by using x86 / amd64 target systems.

It's powered by the COM-HPC based server type module with head-turning performance and scalability necessary to drive a variety of use cases across the cloud-to-edge development communities. Examples include real-time applications that require reliable and predictable processing of the most computationally demanding workloads like medical imaging and robotic surgery, stationary and mobile robotics, autonomous driving, test and measurement to multimedia broadcasting, and more.


  • COM-HPC Ampere Altra server type module with Ampere Altra 32/64/96/128-core SoC
  • 32/64/128 GB 3200MHz DDR4 ECC Reg
  • 3 x16 slots and 4 x4 slots PCIe Gen4
  • 128/512 GB NVMe M.2 storage
  • COM-HPC Server Base carrier board
  • Liquid cooling assembly (optional)
  • 750W power unit
    Tower enclosure

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