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Webinar: Hygienic integration and predictive maintenance

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15. november 2023 15. november 2023

Learn how hygienic integration and predictive and intelligent maintenance can be a foundation for improved TCO (total cost of ownership) as well as improved quality and safety.

Have you ever wished that you had invested more time in defining the hygiene requirements of a process solution and/or defining qualification criteria? Have you ever wondered how to design for validation and improved maintenance? Or are you curious about how digital solutions can improve your work with predictive (hygienic) maintenance?

This webinar exemplifies good work practice for specification of hygienic processes using tools designed to identify and mitigate hygiene hazards related to a final production process. The work practices focus on getting an optimal outcome of the time invested in specifying a production. Furthermore, improved practices for maintenance based on digital tools will be presented to achieve high quality products and optimal process hygiene.

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Alan Friis
Senior team leader, Audit and business development
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