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High-performance Pushbutton Switch 1681 fra Marquardt

With the single-pole or double-pole 1681 pushbutton switch Marquardt has developed a switch with a high mechanical load capacity.

A double-lifting contact system that has been proven a million times over makes the pushbutton switch of the 1681 series a high-performance switch for Europe and the USA. Due to his high mechanical load capacity the switch can be used as a foot-operated switch for direct or indirect actuation. Marquardt also produces customized actuator caps on request.

The single-pole or double-pole pushbutton switch has an optimum tappet guide and a functionally reliable switching system. The 1681 pushbutton switch has variable actuator lengths, a secure fit of the actuator flaps by an extended guide and secures solder terminal connections by double pcb pins. As off switches or normally open contacts the series is available with pcb variants with additional snap-in lugs for reducing the number of solder points on request. In addition, the Marquardt designers have come up with four terminal types: two plug-solder combinations and two pcb terminals.

Produktet forhandles i Danmark af Hans Følsgaard A/S, som kan kontaktes på 43208600 for yderligere information

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